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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to FCF TRAINER PRO for two months or a year after signing up, payments will reoccur every 60 days or year, depending on which membership option you decided upon. 

No, through challenges and feedback each player will have a unique relationship with Dylan. If you wish to purchase multiple memberships, or have multiple players please get in touch.

Yes, our program works on all technical parts of the game. Become technically proficient and you will not only improve at your position, but become a more complete footballer. Even goalkeepers that use it!

As much as you like! We recommend doing something everyday, whether that be a full training session, a zoom session or a single drill. The more practice you put into your game, the better you will become. Although both the quality and quantity of training are both important, you can't play if you're injured. So be smart and always listen to your body.

A ball, Cones (or markers), FCF TRAINER PRO. Selected drills may require a rebounder/wall or goal and multiple balls if you are working on Passing, Striking or Finishing.


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