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Weekly Tekkers, Courses, Sessions, Drills, Theory & Zoom trainings + Recordings


In-platform video comms, Community tab & challenge feedback plus zoom interaction


Track your progress through your personal profile, compete with others and top the leaderboards



  • WEEKLY TEKKERS 🔥 - New Week added every Sunday 10PM. Players are scheduled a Session, Collection of Drills & Theory to complete and fit in and around your schedule.
  • CHALLENGES - Upload your attempts, and track your progress through your personal profile. On the 1st of each month, we will comment feedback on each attempt.
  • TRAINING COURSES - Structured courses, that don't only give you trainings to complete, but educate you on how to train with concept videos, breakdowns and quiz's.
  • FULL SESSIONS - Complete a full session working on various elements of your game.
  • DRILL BANK - Is there something specific you'd like to work on? The drill bank is full of drills, concepts and technique breakdowns.
  • ZOOM TRAININGS & RECORDINGS - Exclusive training sessions for members, and links to previous session recordings. 


  • PERSONAL PROFILE - Upon joining a personal profile will be created for you to upload challenge attempts & go back to see how far you've come.
  • IN-PLATFORM - In the bottom right corner of each home page that'll explain more about the category. Respond to it to interact with your coach.
  • COMMUNITY TAB - Interact with your Individual Trainer and all other #firstclassballers in the community! Stay up-to date and give us your thoughts on announcements. 
  • FEEDBACK & RECOMMENDATIONS - Your trainer will comment on your recent challenge with brief feedback & recommendations on the 1st of each month.


  • PROGRESS TRACKING - Track your progress through your challenges. These will reassure you that you're improving and help you see how far you've come. 
  • LEADERBOARDS - Each Challenge has its very own leaderboard, enjoy some friendly competition and see if you can get on them all!

Are you ready to become a #firstclassballer??

FCF TRAINER PRO is made for you and your technical training.

No need to rely on:

✖️Training partners

✖️Friends to practice with you

✖️Coaches to help

✖️Excessive equipment

All you need is:


✔️A few footballs





Our technical training methods are proven. Since 2013 we have worked with hundreds of players of all ages and levels, Beginners to Pro's.


  • Ball Manipulation

Master the ball, Master your game. To be the best player you can be, you have to be comfortable in possession.

  • Dribbling, 1v1 Skills & Safe Side

Become confident driving into space, use efficient skills to create space with ease learn how to protect the football.

  • Passing & Receiving

Our drills don’t only focus on passing and receiving but will help improve your body position, weight of touch, angle & direction of touch, backfoot/frontfoot reception.

  • Striking 

Being a consistent striker fo the ball will allow you to execute accurate passes and help you finish in situations you never thought were possible. Our breakdowns give you step by step instructions.

  • Finishing 

FCF TRAINER's finishing drills are realistic and incorporate various parts of your game so you can be clinical no matter what situation you find yourself in on game-day.

  • Positional Specific 

Work on drills specific to your roles and responsibilities on game-day. Go through the drill bank and try drills specific to your role!

  • Player Profiling & Understanding of the game

Through Weekly Tekkers, players are given tasks to complete to help them define and understand what type of player they are and how they can be successful. 

  • Fast Feet, Coordination and Balance

Become more Coordinated, balanced and speed your feed up. The more co-ordinated you are without the ball, the more confident you will be with the ball. All drills will help with these things!

  • Fitness 

An indirect result of FCF TRAINER, become sharp on and off the ball. Sessions are high intensity and most sets are short durations. Become more dynamic and explosive than you've ever been!


Of dedicated players that put the extra work in on a daily basis and focus on what they can control!! #firstclassballers

Becoming a technically proficient player will allow you to be more confident in possession, Express yourself, enjoy the game and allow you to focus on awareness, decision making and understanding of the tactical side of the game, as your technical foundation is will be taken care of. This cannot be achieved in a 7 day course or in a one off training block, we believe your development is ongoing and as soon as you achieve your current goals, make new more ambitious ones. If you’re serious about achieving your footballing goals, you have to be dedicated to working on your game in your own time. 

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